We exist to reach, connect, and assist our community in loving God and others and making His disciples.


Is actually a simple question… We are a church consisting of people far from perfection. As a church we try to follow Christ and show his love to everyone we encounter. We are a non-denominational church, which basically means we do not align with any specific organization (i.e. Methodist, Baptist, etc).

We are a church that believes that people matter to God no matter where they go or what they do. We are single moms and dads, married couples, kids, teens, divorced and widowed, and everything in between. We are artistic and intellectual, we are a church that loves humor and loves raw authenticity.

Though we are all diverse here at McDonough Church, we share one common thread - We love God and are driven to demonstrating that love to others.

We think church should be fun, and a place to let your guard down. We want you to be able to enjoy each service we offer. We believe that when you are able to relax you can see Christ more clearly and experience him in a new way. For this reason we don’t have a dress code (usually the pastor wears jeans). We invite you to come as you are. We are not going to knock you down at the door and make you stand out. We basically want you to be able to come and check us out without feeling any pressure.

We look forward to seeing you soon!